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Price: $3.50
Manufacturer: Black Dog Machine, LLC

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AR15/M16 Upper Bolt Saver

*Keeps Debris Out & Prevents .22 LR Bolt From Falling Out Of Disassembled Receiver.
*Will work on any AR upper, any caliber, not just .22's.


Molded polymer cover fits in the underside of a disassembled AR-15 .22 conversion upper receiver to prevent the bolt from falling out and keep dirt and debris out of internal components. Can be installed on any standard centerfire upper as well to protect bolt carrier cover. Slide over front and rear take-down pins, then secure it with the two cotter-style push pins.

Product is PAT PENDING

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Great, but Could Be Greater
Warren Tanaka (Fort Collins, CO) 6/6/2016 1:58 PM
The AR-15 modularity needs products like this cover! I have more upper receivers than lowers, and often transport them separated. This product keeps the bolts secure & protected. The only downside is that the first time I took the cover off (out on the prairie), I promptly dropped & lost one of the pins. When I got home, I made another pin, then drilled holes in each of the pin stops & at each end of the cover, and made lanyards out of the plastic cord that comes on some foam earplugs. Now, the pins stay with the cover. BDM (or the manufacturer) should incorporate the lanyards into the cover/pins. This would earn the 5th Star! This is Black Dog- We will make sure extra pins are available for sale on our website. Thank you for your feed back!
WOW…what a great product.
Roger Brushaber II (Williamsport, IN) 1/20/2013 6:43 AM
Before I owned this the bolt would drop out each time I changed uppers from 5.56 to .22…with this I never have that issue. It is worth the cash, well, it is worth 10x what they ask for it! I also want to say how wonderful their customer service is, they treat you like royalty at Black Dog! - Roger in Indiana
SpecOps-13, Weapon Systems Testing
Dave Milburn (St. Petersburg, FL) 7/14/2011 3:02 PM
This is like a Post It Note. Once you've tried it, you won't want to live without it.. It simply is the greatest product idea to insure your bolt won't end up on the floor or worse... BDM Innovation at it's best... Can be used with any AR Platform Bolt too.... Dave in Florida