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AR15.22 - Magazines

These magazines will fit most AR15.22 conversion units and dedicated uppers- you will find a list of some of the most popular compatible uppers and rifles when you click on a picture of the magazine or drum you are interested in.

The Gen III 30 round magazine will not work in the Sig 522 or KelTec SU22 & PLR22.

Our AR15.22, X Form, Sonic X magazines will work in the CMMG B.H.O.A. but will not activate it.

discontinued x form

Magazines listed below will not work in the S&W M&P15.22. Please click HERE to view S&W M&P15.22 drum. 
GEN 2 & X Form Mags
GEN 2 & X Form Mags
Sonic Weld Magazines
All BDM Magazines & Drums
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AR15.22 10 & 25rd CAMO MAGAZINES
Price: From $25.00 to $30.00
AR15.22 10 & 25rd CAMO MAGAZINES
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