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Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer: Black Dog Machine, LLC
GEN III Black Dog Magazine for AR15.22



You will be able to tell by looking closely at the feed lips and comparing it to your magazine and mag well. This magazine has an extra notch that is made to work on the Catch22 device. View the 2nd picture and you will see an arrow that points to the notch.

May 2012 Update: This magazine will now work with the "Catch.22".

Don't know what the Catch22 device is? Click this link:

  • New & improved Steel Feed Lip
  • Easy load-Thumb Pull down
  • 32 rounds
  • Easy to disassemble


Material: Polycarbonate

Color: Black

Feed Lip: Stainless Steel

Warranty- Manufacture Lifetime Warranty

Precaution- Thumb Pull Down Feature: Never use this feature without loading ammo into the magazine. Sliding the thumb assist down the magazine then releasing the thumb assist back to original position will most likely damage the internal pieces. If this happens, the Warranty is voided.

*Works with: Atchisson/Ciener, CMMG(older models), Model 1 Sales, Spikes Tactical, Tactical Solutions, Target Master,Conversions & other AR15.22 dedicated uppers and conversion units.

We are very sorry to inform you that this magazine does not work with: CMMG(evolution), Sig 522, KelTec SU22 & PLR22, Colt, DPMS or S&W MP15-22.

Product Reviews

(6 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
Ben Cannon (Darien, GA) 7/14/2016 6:20 AM
I cycle a lot of 22lr thru my .556 using a CMMG conversion which works great. The included mag worked well but was a pain to load. These mags solved the problem. So far they have fed perfecly. Only small gripe is they are a bit tight in an Anderson receiver. Still they are 5 star! Love em!
Fun and easy to use.
Corey Strain (Navarre, FL) 6/29/2012 10:50 PM
I have three of these for plinking. All mine have been very reliable and the thumb tabs for loading make them very enjoyable. They are a little long but the ease of loading outweighs that negative feature. I would love to see the 26 and 15 round mags with an option for the same loading feature.
Sweet Mag for .22 Conversions
Warren Woolsey (Kemah, TX) 6/15/2012 9:50 PM
I bought two of these mags for my ArmaLite M15-22, and I have to say, THEY ARE GREAT... The ArmaLite M15-22 is basically just an M15 lower, with their own, dedicated, CMMG based upper. The Standard CMMG mags are TERRIBLE, I put around 1K rounds threw mine, and it was already showing a LOT of wear on the feed lips. After MUCH research, the BDM mags seemed ideal, so I bough two... I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER with my purchase. I have around 5K rounds threw each of the two mags, and the only issues I have had have been purely user error (putting upward pressure on the Mag while firing will cause the rounds to stick straight up when a attempting to feed). On my last trip to the range, another shooter saw my mags, and wanted to try them on his .22 AR... He had a dedicated .22 AR (cant remember the make), but the mags seemed to work well for him as well... I will be purchasing about 3 more of these mags here in a week or two, I cant say enough good things about them...
Didn't function in my Kuehl upper
Dave Myers (Sevierville, TN) 10/27/2011 9:54 AM
Bought 3 of these, none functioned in my Kuehl dedicated .22 M16 upper. I did not try them in semi-auto, as that's not what I bought them for. On the plus side, these seem very well-constructed, and the BDM steel-lip XFORM mags run like a sewing machine in FA in my gun, as do the 50-rd drums. These gave me a jam every 2-4 rounds- again, in FA only. The two star rating is SOLELY for my FA experience, not for product quality; they likely function fine in SA, and couldn't be easier to load.
3rd Gens are better than the polys
Larry Hills (Collierville, TN) 4/18/2011 8:49 PM
Purchased two of these. This design is much better with the metal feed ramps than the polycarbonate models which mine already have sub-surface cracking and checkering. Likewise, I do not think that the poly's are as robust to maintain longevity. They already are showing heat fatigue near the ramps and some temp induced deformity. I would almost consider that they could not meet warranty--if there was one offered. Conversely, this model seems to be holding up well. I've been cleaning them gingerly with WD-40. The pull down loader feature is a plus that makes reloading a snap. I wish the billet milled product had some form of auto loader, if so, i'd buy them as well. So if I was to do this over, I would just bought these and NOT the polys.